August 10, 2018
How to keep your important document safe?

How to Keep Important Documents Safe?

We accumulate an assortment of valuable documents as we go through life. Storing these documents is what we do generally. but we may just keep them in a drawer somewhere, to be forgotten until we need to check. 

Family records can be consumed in a house fire or irretrievably damaged in a flood. They could be stolen during a burglary for the purpose of identity theft. You might even accidentally throw them out during a frenzy of spring cleaning.

It is not enough to tidy and organise these records good and easy to find out.  Proper storage of key documents makes it easier for you to meet your legal obligations, manage family cash flow and reduce stress at tax time. 

To know how to keep them safe, the follows thing is what we need to know. 

So what are the most important family documents, and how can you keep them safe?

The Most  Important family documents 

1) Wills

Your Will is perhaps your most important legal document – if you have one. Research shows that over 45% of Australians don’t have a valid Will.

A Will is a complex document and there are lots of ways to get it wrong. It must adhere to strict legal requirements and be worded very precisely in order to be valid.

If you die without a valid Will, a court-appointed administrator pays your taxes and bills from your assets and then distributes what’s left according to a predetermined formula. This scenario can be messy, time-consuming and stressful to your loved ones, and your assets probably won’t be portioned out as you might have liked.

2) Insurance policies
Your insurance policies are important documents that need to be kept in a safe place. In particular, losing track of a life insurance policy can lead to major family headaches. 

According to ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission), there’s around $80 million of unclaimed life insurance money in this country, which proves just how hard a life insurance policy can be to track down at times. 

Store these documents carefully and make sure a trustworthy person knows their location.

3) Passport and travel documents

Passports are a popular target for identity thieves. Whether you lose your passport or have it stolen, replacing it is both costly and time-consuming.

You have to go through all the same processes as when you got your original passport, but this time, you’ll pay an additional fee on top of the application fee.

Hide your passport well enough to deter a thief, but not so well that you forget where you put it. When travelling, the safest place for your passport is on your person.

4) Banking information
Many banks offer a Security Token as a second level of authentication when you log into your online account, so always make use of this option when it’s available. 

Identity thieves may also remove mail from your mailbox to obtain banking and other personal secrets. Change to a lockable mailbox – it’s a worthy investment in your personal information security.

5) Passwords
Think of passwords as the ‘front door key’ to your online world. And just as it’s folly to leave your key under the mat, it’s silly to make it easy for others to access your online information by swiping or working out your passwords.

Then how to keep these document?

Here is some simple advices for you . 

It’s a smart idea to make copies of all your vital records and have them stored to bank safe box.  This way major water damage or a house fire doesn’t destroy the only copies.

If you decide to get a home safe, there are plenty of choices. Most are fire-resistant and some are water resistant. 

Another choice is the portable safe box with smart control function.  You may think the portable safe box is not good as the heavier one, but with smart control function, it can offer much more prtections. 

Portable safe box support fingerprint scanner, you can open the safe box without key or password.  You do not need to worry about losing key or stolen. 

What is more, if any one touch this safe box, it will make alarm sound and send you notification at once.  And for the common safe box,  you will never know when thefe stole it.

You may think a  alarm sound and notification is useless, as the theft already stole the box after getting the notification.  Don't worry,  this portable safe box supports multiple protections, which it offers you enough time to take action. 

Smart APP control is also an important feature. It allows you to use the simple and fast way to control the safe box.  Need more details, please Click NEBULA to contact with us. 

Remember one thing: Losing crucial legal records can be a nightmare – don’t let it happen to you

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