Privacy Exclusive Spacious

Nebula STAR Safe Box

Privacy Exclusive Spacious

Nebula STAR Safe Box

    Product Description

    Nebula STAR Safe Box

    Nebula STAR Safe Box is a portable lock box that is so safe, that it only opens when it scans your fingertips.It is easy to carry and extremely spacious, its possibilities for your convenience are nearly infinite. You can keep your jewelry, cash and important documents, whether at home or on the go.

    You can seamlessly keep the valuables that you need to carry around according to your professional or business activity requirements. You can leave your valuable items inside it whenever you go to the gym or you can keep your self-defense gun or medicines away from your children, to keep these items securely stored and your family safe and sound.


    Standard Contents:

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Main function

Sturdy and Durable

Portable safe box with high-strength aluminum alloy case, sturdy and durable, small size, easy to carry

Fingerprint Unlocking

High-end biometric fingerprint scanning system, support fast fingerprint unlocking, and multiple fingerprints registeration is available.

Multiple Control Modes

Offer more protections to your valuable, more safe and reliable. Not just fingerprint, you can use a dedicated APP or Bluetooth to unlock the portable safe box.

Support WIFI Function

Support WIFI function, users can check the status of the portable safe box or get event notifications anytime, anywhere

Unlock Notification

When the STAR is opened,  you will hear a sound and get a notification

Motion Tamper Alarm

Built in motion sensor and tamper alarm, alerts you through either Bluetooth, App(WiFi) or SMS in real time if your safe is bumped or moved.

Bluetooth Control

Connect Portable safe box with Bluetooth, and allows you to control it to unlock via Bluetooth

Long Working Time

Large rechargeable battery, standby time up to 30 days, support USB interface, charge the safe box anytime, anywhere

Product Specification


specification of portable biometric safe

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